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The MexInsurance® system is a secure, cloud-based rating system that combines solid tech with the best insurance options available in Mexico. You made it if you want a better experience buying insurance for Mexico (or for Mexican vehicles). Welcome.

Choose from top-rated carriers in Mexico and compare the deductibles, rates, and limits. Dynamically modify your coverage limits to get exactly the car insurance you want. Mexican insurance is so easy you won’t even believe it. Get a quote.

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Providing the Legal and Financial Protection for You in Mexico

We are an exclusive broker of online Mexican insurance. We offer custom insurance solutions from Qualitas, GNP and Chubb, three of the top Mexican insurance companies.

If you intend on driving your car, truck, RV, or even your motorcycle south of the border you will need Mexican auto insurance from a Mexico insurance company. Your domestic plan won’t cross into Mexico with you. Although there are some domestic insurance companies that might offer physical damage protection (theft or collision to your car) within a specific distance of the border. But they cannot provide the legal requirement for property damage you cause in Mexico. So if you’re in an accident, you must show proof of Mexican auto Insurance. Here, we make it easy and affordable by instantly providing coverage online.

If you have a home in Mexico, protect your asset! Driving north in a Mexican Car? See below for more programs available here.

Driver’s License Liability Insurance Policy

Are you crossing into Mexico, Baja-bound or planning an excursion in one of the renowned border towns?

All policies that we offer come with excellent customer service, travel assistance, legal aid, roadside assistance, and custom coverage limits. All Mexico insurance programs include 24/7 bi-lingual customer service. If you want to speak with a licensed Mexico insurance representative, or customer service agent call our office in the United States by clicking Contact Us above.

In addition to Mexico travel insurance, we have history on each destination state and many municipalities within the Mexican state. We also include maps of the most popular borders towns to help with driving in those tricky and congested areas. We also provide a Border Crossing guide that keeps you up to date with requirements on both sides of the border.

Cabo San Lucas
(1,000 miles from San Diego :: 1,300 from Austin)