Instant Mexican Motorcycle Insurance

If you’re planning a Mexican excursion on your motorcycle either alone or with a group, you will need to procure motorcycle insurance coverage for driving in Mexico just as you would for a car or RV.  All riders require protection whether it’s full coverage or simply liability coverage.  It is a legal requirement to have insurance for operating a motorized vehicle in Mexico; therefore, you don’t want to enter the country on your bike or in any other vehicle without it.  Our policies provide you with the legal and comprehensive coverage you need to protect your motorcycle, yourself, and your peace of mind!

Instant Motorcycle Insurance
Mexican Motorcycle Insurance

Understanding the Law

While some U.S. policies may provide coverage for driving in Mexico, most do not.  Drivers typically have to talk to their insurance carriers about providing additional coverage and take out a separate policy for traveling in Mexico.  On the other hand, insurance experts suggest that separate Mexican liability insurance be purchased at the border or before you operate your motorcycle in Mexico to be completely protected.  If you are involved in an accident, the authorities may not recognize your domestic carrier.  In addition, while your domestic policy may cover your bike in the case of theft or damages, it may not cover the damages you might owe to other drivers if you are found to be at fault.  The safest course of action is to use Mexican liability insurance even in conjunction with your own policy to be safe should you have to deal with the Mexican legal system. 
Also, some U.S. insurers will simply not cover your motorcycle in Mexico.  Therefore, it is essential to seek out a carrier that will provide you with full coverage for your Mexican driving excursion.  We provide both full policies and liability coverage that answer all your needs.

Procuring Mexican Motorcycle Insurance

You may procure our Mexican motorcycle insurance before your trip or sometime before you cross the border.  Obtaining it beforehand allows you to perform a bit of research and decide on specific aspects of coverage.  Most drivers will opt for full coverage which may cover damages, legal aid, and roadside assistance.  Note, however, that some policies will not cover medical costs for motorcycle drivers/occupants, so be sure to completely understand the risks associated with driving your motorcycle in Mexico with certain policies.
Some drivers opt for Mexican liability only.  However, while this coverage will pay for the damages to other vehicles, it will not cover damages to your motorcycle.  Moreover, since many drivers in Mexico do not carry insurance, there is the likelihood your bike could be struck and damaged by an uninsured driver leaving you stuck with the damages. 
You will be provided with all your policy information in writing including deductible costs, how to file a claim, and all other aspects of your coverage.  Keep a copy with you while you travel in Mexico. 

Be Legal: Get Insurance Coverage

Mexico is filled with beautiful attractions and has exceptional terrain for operating your motorcycle.  Whether you drive along the sea or within the hilly, mountainous interior, you need to be legal to avoid a serious legal situation in a foreign country.  Your insurance policy not only provides you with legal coverage, it gives you the coverage you need to protect your vehicle as well as yourself.  Call us to discuss your policy needs.  We can answer all your questions about Mexican motorcycle insurance so you can enjoy your Mexican bike trip.

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