Mexican Car Insurance: Do I Really Need it?

You might think that your comprehensive car insurance policy should cover your day trip down to Mexico–but it typically does NOT! If you drive to Mexico and fail to obtain Mexican car insurance, you’re taking a huge risk–and here’s why:

Car Accidents in Mexico Are a Civil and Criminal Offense

Mexico requires all drivers to do one of two things if they are involved in a car accident:
  1. Have valid Mexican Car Insurance or
  2. Have funds–with proof of funds–to pay for the damage.
How much are car repairs? Just as in the U.S., car repairs in Mexico can run into the tens of thousands. You need to have proof that you have money to pay for car damage in a car accident. Don’t want to pay $10,000 to pay for another driver’s new front end? Just get yourself an inexpensive Mexican car insurance policy.
Accident in Mexico
Accident in Mexico
The truth is–it’s not just about the money. If you don’t have the funds in your account or a Mexico car insurance policy, you risk arrest, jail, and the impoundment of your car or truck. In Mexico, vehicular accidents are treated as both a civil and criminal matter. A Mexican car insurance policy ensures that you are legally entitled to drive in Mexico and spares you from having to pay for major collision repairs.

But I Don’t Purchase Extra Insurance for Driving in Canada

The United States and Canada have a formal agreement whereby both nations recognize the insurance policies from each nation. That means, when you drive up to Vancouver or tool around Toronto, you’re still covered (although you should check with your carrier to make sure there aren’t exceptions). Mexico and the U.S. do not have this type of agreement. While your insurer might authorize you to drive out of the country, Mexico doesn’t find this arrangement to be valid. Instead, you must have provable funds to cover repair costs or Mexican car insurance.

Can I Buy Mexico Car Insurance in Mexico?

Yes, as soon as you cross the border, you can purchase Mexican car insurance, but be forewarned–you’ll pay top dollar for your policy if you wait to purchase it until you are in Mexico. Once you are in the country, agents are well aware of your need. They know you won’t be shopping around to get the best rates. So, you could wind up paying double or triple the amount you might pay if you had only purchased your policy when you were still back home. And, let’s not forget that most accidents occur right there near the border. TO fully protect yourself, purchase Mexican insurance online before you cross the border.

Purchasing Online Is Easy

Purchasing Mexican car insurance online is easy and affordable. Moreover, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you can drive to Mexico legally and won’t be charged a small fortune for your short-term Mexican insurance policy. Even if you only plan to drive to Mexico for a day or two, don’t take the risk. Get the insurance policy you need to be 100% legal when driving in Mexico.

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