Mexico Car Insurance

Are you heading down to Mexico and planning to drive? Don’t forget that you need Mexico car insurance even if you only plan to cross the border for a day or two. Drivers have a legal obligation to have Mexico car insurance or proof that they can pay for collision damages. Those damages could amount to thousands. Before you pack the car and head south, get your Mexico car insurance policy.

Buy Mexico Car Insurance in Advance

If you like to pay a premium price for insurance, you can wait until you cross the border to buy your Mexico car insurance. Once you’re at the border of Mexico and in the insurance company office, they know they’ve got what you need and will charge you handsomely for it. To save money, shop for Mexico car insurance online from the comfort of your own home. You can take your time and select an affordable policy that suits your needs. If you choose to wait and purchase in Mexico, you could wind up paying double or triple the cost.

Know the Deductibles

Consider what deductible you are comfortable with when you purchase your Mexico car insurance. The current costs of insurance deductibles in Mexico are:
  • Comprehensive (Risk 1): 5% or $1,000 whichever is greater
  • Collision (Risk 2): 2% or $500 whichever is greater
  • Liability, Legal, and Roadside (Risks 3-5):  Zero deductible
If you have questions about these deductible rates, you can chat with our representatives to learn more and get assistance making a decision about your policy.

Purchase Only the Mexico Insurance You Need

How often do you drive to Mexico? If you only intend to drive there once a year, a short-term policy is probably ideal. However, if you head down to the Baja coast to catch the waves several times a year, you can likely save more money on Mexico car insurance by purchasing a longer-term policy. Tell us about your travel habits and we’ll help you select the right policy for your needs.

Go Over Your Policy

It often happens that a traveler purchases Mexico car insurance once they cross the border, but don’t familiarize themselves with its details. Make sure you understand what you’re getting in terms of coverage and deductible obligations. You’ll also want to take time to learn about how to file and claim and who to contact if you get into a fender bender or more serious car accident. Regardless, don’t forget to procure your Mexico car insurance one way or another. If you get into a car accident and don’t have Mexican car insurance or proof that you can pay the amount–whatever its cost–your vehicle can be impounded and you could land in a Mexican jail, which is no way to enjoy the sunny Mexican climate and beaches. If you have questions about getting this type of insurance for your trip, remember, we can help.   Start a quote by clicking here now.

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