Instant Insurance for Driving a Rental Car into Mexico

Are you planning a trip to Mexico and don’t want to take your own car this time? Check with the rental agencies … many allow you to drive across the border!

Some will even allow you to purchase insurance from an outside source – such as from our website®.

If you plan to rent a car in the United States and drive it into Mexico – the rental company will require that you carry insurance. There is no way around this. Often time the rental car company will sell you their own policy, which is nothing more than we offer here with an added markup. But you must keep in mind, that the agency owns the vehicle, so they ultimately have the right to refuse your travel plans. Read below to be prepared.

Rental Car Insurance Mexico

Vehicle Information Unknown

If you let the agency know that you are already a MexInsurance client, that all you need is the specific details of the vehicle so that YOU can procure the insurance for your trip, this might work. They can potentially secure your rental in advance, and provide you with the registration and VIN of the vehicle.

However, as if most often the case, you won’t have your vehicle details until you check it out. In this case, you will have to use the mobile device to update your policy and present proof of insurance to the agency.

Mexican Registered Vehicles are not allowed under this Tourist Auto policy.

You will need to guesstimate the value of the car; enter $30,000 will almost always cover. Unless you are renting a Luxury Class, or Large SUV class where it is safer to put $50,000.


  • To purchase Mexican insurance for a rental car in advance to show the agency you have the intent of coverage, first verify they allow you to purchase insurance from an outside source.
  • You can buy Complete or Liability, depending on your own domestic insurance options.
  • Once you secure the vehicle, log back into your account and fill in the make, year, model, value, VIN and license plate numbers.

**If you are renting a car in Mexico, the insurance cannot be purchased from a U.S. company. You will deal directly with the rental agency or insurance company in Mexico. Yes, their rates are higher, but that’s because it isn’t “tourist” insurance, but rather a “domestic” car being covered (domestic, as in registered in that country).

The rental agency is listed on the application as the lien holder. (You must have written consent from them to take the car into Mexico.) If you read the fine print of your rental car agreement you will notice somewhere that it prohibits you from taking their car out of the country….without their permission. So there it is, just get their permission. When you ask for permission they will insist on seeing the insurance with their information listed as loss payee. All® policies include this on the Declarations Page of the insurance document. On the application, just list the rental company in the “Lienholder” fields.

Liability insurance must be purchased from a Mexican carrier through surplus lines brokerages (such as ourselves).

Check with your domestic insurance company to see if they will offer comprehensive coverage on a rental in another country. If they do, you only need Liability. In that case you have two options –
1) A third-party Liability policy for as many days as you need, or
2) A Driver’s License policy, which is an annual certificate and good for one driver in up to five vehicles with 3rd-party damage coverage.

Complete Coverage is most common since it is rare for a domestic insurance company to extend protection on a rental in Mexico, especially for further miles away from the border or for longer periods of time.
You may purchase the Complete, or Comprehensive, coverage in conjunction with the Liability (The rate is based on the value of the vehicle and the term of coverage). When you first purchase the policy and don’t know the vehicle value/ info yet, choose

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