Instant Insurance for Driving a Rental Car into Mexico

Are you planning a trip to Mexico and don’t want to take your own car this time? Check with the rental agencies … many allow you to drive across the border!

Some will even allow you to purchase insurance from an outside source – such as from our website®.

If you plan to rent a car in the United States and drive it into Mexico – the rental company will require that you carry insurance. There is no way around this. Often time the rental car company will sell you their own policy, which is nothing more than we offer here with an added markup. But you must keep in mind, that the agency owns the vehicle, so they ultimately have the right to refuse your travel plans. Read below to be prepared.

Rental Car Insurance Mexico

Vehicle Information Unknown

If you let the agency know that you are already a MexInsurance client, that all you need is the specific details of the vehicle so that YOU can procure the insurance for your trip, this might work. They can potentially secure your rental in advance, and provide you with the registration and VIN of the vehicle.

However, as if most often the case, you won’t have your vehicle details until you check it out. In this case, you will have to use the mobile device to update your policy and present proof of insurance to the agency.

Mexican Registered Vehicles are not allowed under this Tourist Auto policy.

You will need to guesstimate the value of the car; enter $30,000 will almost always cover. Unless you are renting a Luxury Class, or Large SUV class where it is safer to put $50,000.


  • To purchase Mexican insurance for a rental car in advance to show the agency you have the intent of coverage, first verify they allow you to purchase insurance from an outside source.
  • You can buy Complete or Liability, depending on your own domestic insurance options.
  • Once you secure the vehicle, log back into your account and fill in the make, year, model, value, VIN and license plate numbers.

**If you are renting a car in Mexico, the insurance cannot be purchased from a U.S. company. You will deal directly with the rental agency or insurance company in Mexico. Yes, their rates are higher, but that’s because it isn’t “tourist” insurance, but rather a “domestic” car being covered (domestic, as in registered in that country).

The rental agency is listed on the application as the lien holder. (You must have written consent from them to take the car into Mexico.) If you read the fine print of your rental car agreement you will notice somewhere that it prohibits you from taking their car out of the country….without their permission. So there it is, just get their permission. When you ask for permission they will insist on seeing the insurance with their information listed as loss payee. All® policies include this on the Declarations Page of the insurance document. On the application, just list the rental company in the “Lienholder” fields.

Liability insurance must be purchased from a Mexican carrier through surplus lines brokerages (such as ourselves).

Check with your domestic insurance company to see if they will offer comprehensive coverage on a rental in another country. If they do, you only need Liability. In that case you have two options –
1) A third-party Liability policy for as many days as you need, or
2) A Driver’s License policy, which is an annual certificate and good for one driver in up to five vehicles with 3rd-party damage coverage.

Complete Coverage is most common since it is rare for a domestic insurance company to extend protection on a rental in Mexico, especially for further miles away from the border or for longer periods of time.
You may purchase the Complete, or Comprehensive, coverage in conjunction with the Liability (The rate is based on the value of the vehicle and the term of coverage). When you first purchase the policy and don’t know the vehicle value/ info yet, choose

Insurance Laws in Mexico

If you plan to drive south, understand the Mexico car insurance laws. You must have Mexican car insurance at the very least a liability-only policy or driver’s license policy. Your US car insurance policy will not cover you for injury or damages if you get into an accident south of the border. Some U.S. and Canadian companies extend their domestic coverage within a certain distance of the border but this ONLY COVERS damage or theft to YOUR car. they can’t do anything for damages to the third party. You will be detained without car insurance from a Mexican company until damages can be recovered.

This is something that not many people in the United States know. Also, why they get into big trouble when they are in an automobile accident in Mexico.

In order to make sure that you have proper coverage and protection when driving in the country, you should purchase Mexican car insurance before you leave for your trip.

In fact, you should do some thorough research, find out as much as you can about Mexican auto insurance law and buy the right coverage well before beginning your journey.

Mexico Car Insurance Laws

Effective September 23rd, 2014, law requires Mexico Liability Auto Insurance for every vehicle that drives on federal roads and bridges. In the past, it was only in the event of an accident you need proof of financial responsibility.

Today, the law in Mexico requires proof of Mexican Liability Insurance at all times when anyone drives on federal roads and bridges. The authorities can ask you for proof of Mexico car insurance at border crossings, checkpoints or traffic stops.

This law is enforced by the federal police and drivers who are caught without proper coverage will have to pay fines starting at $200. Drivers who are involved in an automobile accident without coverage will have to pay fines starting at $1,000.

These fines are in addition to possible jail time and legal expenses. You should make sure to buy Mexico car insurance that provides comprehensive coverage and legal protection.

You should know that there is also a federal law regarding indemnification. This is in case of an at-fault death of a third-party on federal roadways.

If you are at fault in an accident in Mexico, you may pay indemnification of up to $300,000 per death. It is wise to carry a minimum of $300,000 CSL liability limits for Mexico car insurance.

Buy Mexico Car Insurance Before Your Trip

You should purchase a Mexico car insurance policy to cover and protect you. You can get the best policies from Mexico Insurance Services, Inc. To find out more or get a quote, visit

Mexico Car Insurance

Are you heading down to Mexico and planning to drive? Don’t forget that you need Mexico car insurance even if you only plan to cross the border for a day or two. Drivers have a legal obligation to have Mexico car insurance or proof that they can pay for collision damages. Those damages could amount to thousands. Before you pack the car and head south, get your Mexico car insurance policy.

Buy Mexico Car Insurance in Advance

If you like to pay a premium price for insurance, you can wait until you cross the border to buy your Mexico car insurance. Once you’re at the border of Mexico and in the insurance company office, they know they’ve got what you need and will charge you handsomely for it. To save money, shop for Mexico car insurance online from the comfort of your own home. You can take your time and select an affordable policy that suits your needs. If you choose to wait and purchase in Mexico, you could wind up paying double or triple the cost.

Know the Deductibles

Consider what deductible you are comfortable with when you purchase your Mexico car insurance. The current costs of insurance deductibles in Mexico are:
  • Comprehensive (Risk 1): 5% or $1,000 whichever is greater
  • Collision (Risk 2): 2% or $500 whichever is greater
  • Liability, Legal, and Roadside (Risks 3-5):  Zero deductible
If you have questions about these deductible rates, you can chat with our representatives to learn more and get assistance making a decision about your policy.

Purchase Only the Mexico Insurance You Need

How often do you drive to Mexico? If you only intend to drive there once a year, a short-term policy is probably ideal. However, if you head down to the Baja coast to catch the waves several times a year, you can likely save more money on Mexico car insurance by purchasing a longer-term policy. Tell us about your travel habits and we’ll help you select the right policy for your needs.

Go Over Your Policy

It often happens that a traveler purchases Mexico car insurance once they cross the border, but don’t familiarize themselves with its details. Make sure you understand what you’re getting in terms of coverage and deductible obligations. You’ll also want to take time to learn about how to file and claim and who to contact if you get into a fender bender or more serious car accident. Regardless, don’t forget to procure your Mexico car insurance one way or another. If you get into a car accident and don’t have Mexican car insurance or proof that you can pay the amount–whatever its cost–your vehicle can be impounded and you could land in a Mexican jail, which is no way to enjoy the sunny Mexican climate and beaches. If you have questions about getting this type of insurance for your trip, remember, we can help.   Start a quote by clicking here now.

Mexican Car Insurance: Do I Really Need it?

Car Theft in Mexico: Mexican Car Insurance
You might think that your comprehensive car insurance policy should cover your day trip down to Mexico–but it typically does NOT! If you drive to Mexico and fail to obtain Mexican car insurance, you’re taking a huge risk–and here’s why:

Car Accidents in Mexico Are a Civil and Criminal Offense

Mexico requires all drivers to do one of two things if they are involved in a car accident:
  1. Have valid Mexican Car Insurance or
  2. Have funds–with proof of funds–to pay for the damage.
How much are car repairs? Just as in the U.S., car repairs in Mexico can run into the tens of thousands. You need to have proof that you have money to pay for car damage in a car accident. Don’t want to pay $10,000 to pay for another driver’s new front end? Just get yourself an inexpensive Mexican car insurance policy.
Accident in Mexico
Accident in Mexico
The truth is–it’s not just about the money. If you don’t have the funds in your account or a Mexico car insurance policy, you risk arrest, jail, and the impoundment of your car or truck. In Mexico, vehicular accidents are treated as both a civil and criminal matter. A Mexican car insurance policy ensures that you are legally entitled to drive in Mexico and spares you from having to pay for major collision repairs.

But I Don’t Purchase Extra Insurance for Driving in Canada

The United States and Canada have a formal agreement whereby both nations recognize the insurance policies from each nation. That means, when you drive up to Vancouver or tool around Toronto, you’re still covered (although you should check with your carrier to make sure there aren’t exceptions). Mexico and the U.S. do not have this type of agreement. While your insurer might authorize you to drive out of the country, Mexico doesn’t find this arrangement to be valid. Instead, you must have provable funds to cover repair costs or Mexican car insurance.

Can I Buy Mexico Car Insurance in Mexico?

Yes, as soon as you cross the border, you can purchase Mexican car insurance, but be forewarned–you’ll pay top dollar for your policy if you wait to purchase it until you are in Mexico. Once you are in the country, agents are well aware of your need. They know you won’t be shopping around to get the best rates. So, you could wind up paying double or triple the amount you might pay if you had only purchased your policy when you were still back home. And, let’s not forget that most accidents occur right there near the border. TO fully protect yourself, purchase Mexican insurance online before you cross the border.

Purchasing Online Is Easy

Purchasing Mexican car insurance online is easy and affordable. Moreover, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you can drive to Mexico legally and won’t be charged a small fortune for your short-term Mexican insurance policy. Even if you only plan to drive to Mexico for a day or two, don’t take the risk. Get the insurance policy you need to be 100% legal when driving in Mexico.

US vs. Mexican Insurance

Mexico compared to U.S. Insurance
When comparing the US vs Mexican Insurance, there are many differences. If you are a tourist venturing into Mexico in your tourist vehicle, understand these facts. Do not let the ease of that border crossing fool you. The differences between U.S. and Mexican Insurance is not as simple as it may seem. Once you cross the U.S./Mexico border, you are officially on foreign soil. That means you are subject to the laws of the Mexican government. This includes regulations involving parking, speed limits, and other traffic issues. The following article should help you understand the differences.

Mexican vs US Insurance: In Mexico, US insurance is not recognized

There is an agreement between Canada and the US governments that recognize each other’s insurance companies and protections. Mexico and the Mexican Companies are not part of any agreement. As such, the only way to have insurance coverage in Mexico is through a domiciled Mexican company. Domiciled Mexican Companies include Qualitas, Chubb, Mapfre, General, HDI, etc. There are some aggressive companies that market to the border and Hispanic population certain coverages in Mexico. But, what is this coverage that they offer? Progressive Insurance, for example, offers Medical Payments and Theft/Collision within 20 miles of the border. They DO NOT, however, offer liability. If you cause an accident in Mexico with Progressive then yes, they will cover damage to your car, but you will go to jail until damage to the other person (3rd party) is resolved. This is why it is imperative that you carry AT LEAST 3rd party liability coverage from a Mexican Insurance Company.

The US vs Mexican Insurance: Regulation

In the U.S., insurance prices are tightly controlled, and they are regulated as State Levels. Each of the 50 states in the United States has a Department of Insurance, with its own elected commissioner. Mexico, on the other hand, regulates insurance at the federal level. Some Mexican auto insurance is very good, comparable to, or even superior to, what you have back home. Some policies are poorer in quality, and others are downright terrible. The best way to tell the difference is to do your homework. A trip to Mexico, at least in your car, should not be a spur of the moment decision. If you have time to plan your adventure, you have time to research Mexican auto insurance. Another significant difference between U.S. and Mexican Car Insurance is the fault assessment and assignment as it relates to claims. In the U.S. each state has different rules related to minimum coverage and at-fault regulations. Michigan, for example, is a no-fault state. So regardless of fault, your insurance policy covers damage to your car. In Mexico – all of Mexico is no-fault. So, essentially “uninsured motorist” coverage does not exist. If you have a complete coverage Mexican car insurance policy, the collision risk will pay for damages to your vehicle, regardless of fault. Buyer beware of any brokerage or agency attempting to up-sell you on this coverage in Mexico.

The US vs. Mexican Insurance: Rating and Premiums

In the United States, insurance companies have a massive database and they know EVERYTHING about you. The calculation takes into account your years of driving experience. They give discounts for where you live, where you park the car at night. They give discounts if you are a professional, and they know your driving history. In Mexico, it is quite opposite. Mexico knows nothing about you – they rate the car itself. How much is the car worth? How much will it cost to replace? Where in Mexico will the car be? These are the questions that factor in the price in Mexico. As such, because there is not a personal rating factor – the terms are more rigid. As an example, daily policies cannot cancel after they start. The same strict guideline applies to annual and semi-annual policies, you cannot cancel after 34 days. Pro-rating that exist in the United States, does not exist in Mexico. If you sell your car 6 months into a 1-year policy – you transfer the policy to the new owner but there is no discount or refund. The good news is American drivers can add liability coverage when they purchase their auto insurance policies, either at the Mexican border or ahead of time. If the agent selling you the policy does not mention liability coverage, be sure to ask about it. You do not want to drive on foreign soil without having sufficient liability coverage in place. Make sure you purchase quality Mexican Auto Insurance no matter what kind of coverage you carry in the United States/Canada. At the minimum purchase a Liability Only policy. When comparing the US vs Mexican Insurance, there are many differences. If you are a tourist venturing into Mexico in your tourist vehicle, understand these facts

Instant Mexican Motorcycle Insurance

Instant Motorcycle Insurance

If you’re planning a Mexican excursion on your motorcycle either alone or with a group, you will need to procure motorcycle insurance coverage for driving in Mexico just as you would for a car or RV.  All riders require protection whether it’s full coverage or simply liability coverage.  It is a legal requirement to have insurance for operating a motorized vehicle in Mexico; therefore, you don’t want to enter the country on your bike or in any other vehicle without it.  Our policies provide you with the legal and comprehensive coverage you need to protect your motorcycle, yourself, and your peace of mind!

Instant Motorcycle Insurance
Mexican Motorcycle Insurance

Understanding the Law

While some U.S. policies may provide coverage for driving in Mexico, most do not.  Drivers typically have to talk to their insurance carriers about providing additional coverage and take out a separate policy for traveling in Mexico.  On the other hand, insurance experts suggest that separate Mexican liability insurance be purchased at the border or before you operate your motorcycle in Mexico to be completely protected.  If you are involved in an accident, the authorities may not recognize your domestic carrier.  In addition, while your domestic policy may cover your bike in the case of theft or damages, it may not cover the damages you might owe to other drivers if you are found to be at fault.  The safest course of action is to use Mexican liability insurance even in conjunction with your own policy to be safe should you have to deal with the Mexican legal system. 
Also, some U.S. insurers will simply not cover your motorcycle in Mexico.  Therefore, it is essential to seek out a carrier that will provide you with full coverage for your Mexican driving excursion.  We provide both full policies and liability coverage that answer all your needs.

Procuring Mexican Motorcycle Insurance

You may procure our Mexican motorcycle insurance before your trip or sometime before you cross the border.  Obtaining it beforehand allows you to perform a bit of research and decide on specific aspects of coverage.  Most drivers will opt for full coverage which may cover damages, legal aid, and roadside assistance.  Note, however, that some policies will not cover medical costs for motorcycle drivers/occupants, so be sure to completely understand the risks associated with driving your motorcycle in Mexico with certain policies.
Some drivers opt for Mexican liability only.  However, while this coverage will pay for the damages to other vehicles, it will not cover damages to your motorcycle.  Moreover, since many drivers in Mexico do not carry insurance, there is the likelihood your bike could be struck and damaged by an uninsured driver leaving you stuck with the damages. 
You will be provided with all your policy information in writing including deductible costs, how to file a claim, and all other aspects of your coverage.  Keep a copy with you while you travel in Mexico. 

Be Legal: Get Insurance Coverage

Mexico is filled with beautiful attractions and has exceptional terrain for operating your motorcycle.  Whether you drive along the sea or within the hilly, mountainous interior, you need to be legal to avoid a serious legal situation in a foreign country.  Your insurance policy not only provides you with legal coverage, it gives you the coverage you need to protect your vehicle as well as yourself.  Call us to discuss your policy needs.  We can answer all your questions about Mexican motorcycle insurance so you can enjoy your Mexican bike trip.